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Welcome to I.C.Informatique

In business since 2004, Godefroy de Changy takes on the brand name I.C.I: installation, conseil, informatique.

ICI is a single interlocutor for computer hardware for small business', professionals and individuals.

He will support you in achieving all your projects: selection, installation and maintenance.

You can call on him to purchase your equipment, you will receive a personalized offer and monitoring throughout the life of your equipment.

ICI, offers you fast repair services in your premises.
Travels to Biot, Antibes, Vallauris, Villeneuve-Loubet and„ Cagnes-sur-Mer.
Possibility of workshop repairs on all types of computers.

On request, he can travel all over the Alpes Maritimes and the Var.

For immediate repair you will find the links on the right of the page to download the TeamViewer remote maintenance software for your Mac or your PC.



With "individual services" all his services at half price!

Godefroy provides all of his experience in a responsive and friendly service. He'll assist you in your choice and will install and configure your internet equipment such as modems, routers, printers, wifi ...

Services A La Personne

With ICI you can deduct half the cost of your taxes, or tax credit if you are not taxable.

The Individual services technician:

Assistance Informatique

Specifically, he passes his knowledge: he explains and shows you procedures that you'll be able to reproduce without him.

If it's not training, it's at least an introduction to using a home computer.

The goal is that you are independent in the everyday use of general software.

How do you benefit?

The benefit can possibly extend to additional services such as:

  • Computer equipment delivery
  • Installation and implementation of hardware and software
  • Software maintenance

Savings on or tax credit of 50% of the money spent.


If you are taxable, you get a 50% tax reduction on amounts paid for Individual services. For IT assistance services, you can deduct up to 1500, an actual expenditure of 3,000 maximum per year.

If you are not taxable, you can benefit from a 50% tax credit on the money paid for Individual services, if you are an active person.

For more information:

Malware and unwanted advertising pages


Godefroy offers a range of home services such as securing your computers in relation to all the problems when surfing on the internet. In fact, the web has become a jungle and the installation of a simple free program has become an obstacle course.

Protection Malwares Golfe Juan

The user unknowingly installs malicious software (malware) and then finds himself bombarded with pages of unwanted adverts or toolbars.

We have extensive experience in erasing or containing malware or virus' and give you the means to detect and eradicate them in order to prevent their recurrence.

Parental control

Controle Parentale

He'll install parental control systems and give you the means to ensure that your children are safe on the internet.

Controle Parentale2

To achieve this, he'll make a list of all your children's means of internet access, and then take all the necessary preventive measures on all the devices that they could use.



Everyone has his/her work to do! So don't waste your time, Godefroy is an expert and he'll work quickly so that you can continue your work peacefully.

Back to work plan, after audit he'll determine your needs to define the maximum interruption time allowed, and will use the means and solutions so that the company loses the least amount of data or time possible.

His skills to guide you every day to master the use of your computer:

Securite Informatique

Secure Your computers, your network, your data. Experts on the subject, he'll be at your side to check and to install anti-virus software and to monitor the updates on all your computers.

Reseaux Informatique 06

Network Advice, wiring, deployment, configuration: after audit, he'll design and secure your network, your server and computers for the optimal distribution of resources.


Organize, synchronize, your schedule, your files with your laptops, tablets and phones. With his solutions you will find on all your devices, and between co-workers, your appointments and meetings, your new customers and contact information live.

Logo Office365
Sauvegardes De Données Vallauris

Backup: setting up a strategy for automatic data conservation. Don't wait for a disk or a server to crash to take the necessary measures.

Logiciels De Gestion Vallauris

Management: He sells, installs and configures your management, billing, client and patient software.

Liberal professions: He'll handle uploading your actions, billing and reviving your various funds.


Control: Remote monitoring with IP cameras visible from your computers, your telephones and your tablets.

Logo Teamviewer

Try his maintenance solutions: the comfort of being repaired quickly, minimizing charges, no travel, a working computer in minutes.

Financement Parc Informatique

Financing: He works with finance companies specialized in new technology, the contracts he offers include maintenance and allow you to spread the payment of your equipment over an extended amount of time.

This gives you, on request, regularly updated equipment and evolving computing equipment as you need it.

Crbst IMG Engagement 350 220

Quality Commitment: equipment sold under a professional use is guaranteed for 2 years *

You have a specific request? Contact him as soon as possible, he has your solution!

* Laptop: Depends on manufacturer warranty.




Reparation Atelier

After diagnosis he offers: computer troubleshooting and repair by all manufacturers including Apple.

(Re) Installing Windows, Mac OS, Linux. Erasing viruses and malware password recovery.


Reparation Decran Casse Vallauris

Certainly one of the cheapest in the area of Cannes, Antibes, Grasse, he'll replace your broken laptop or mobile phone screens in no time at all. ICInformatique also repairs broken or unsoldered power supply connectors and whenever possible, the repair of integrated graphics when such intervention is worthwhile.

Portable Ecran Casse

Whatever your problem our team will do its best to meet your requests and advise you on the most economical solutions in the case of a serious problem.

Building a custom PC:

Assemblage Pc Vallauris

There are multiple advantages of having a custom built PC:

Reliability and manufacturer warranty of 3 years on most components. Ensuring an evolving PC, completely unrestrained and easily repairable with standardized parts.

Data Recovery:

Recuperation Donnees Cannes

Make sure you entrust your hard drive to a professional! Indeed, when a hard drive crashes, given the structure of a mechanical hard drive, the technician only has a limited number of tries to repair it.

What to do in case of data loss? Do not try anything yourself, do not open your hard drive, do not plug it in several different computers, take it as soon as possible to a specialist.

Recovery impossible in our workshop or disk requires dismantling: Do not panic! Icinformatique is the privileged partner of Recoveo pioneer in France in the field of data recovery.

Salle Blanche Recoveo

Equipped with an ISO 5 cleanroom class 100, your hard drives are analyzed in the best conditions and the data recovery is the best you can hope for. Recoveo's price rates are probably the most interesting on the market.

How to proceed ? The first diagnosis costs 25 deductible from the final billing price.

In case of a shipment to a cleanroom, an additional amount of 25 is required for shipping and for the first diagnosis.

In both cases, an estimate will be determined and the costs mentioned above will be deducted from the final bill.



Responsive Web Design Image

Have you enjoyed visiting our site? Contact ICI so we can carry out your communication projects on the web.

Our small team will use all of it's knowledge to promote your services, your image and your products through your website.

At the heart of the world of technology, we possess all the knowledge needed to set up hosting, SEO (search engine optimisation), your content and we can also manage the problems that recur when building a website.

Comme pour nos prestations informatiques vous aurez l’avantage d’avoir un interlocuteur unique pour administrer l’ensemble de vos outils de productivité et de communication.

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